Monday, September 26, 2011


Some people hunt for sasquatch and some hunt for churches. I am sure I am going to get responses about this. Please don't leave them unless they are klove style positive and encouraging.
Sugar Land is a very affluent area. The average income is $110,000/household. Some of this probably duel incomes. Therefore the churches we have visited are over the top awesome physically. For example one we visit often has an indoor playground and a cafe inside that serves Chic Fil A. Another church here brings in almost $4,000,000 a year. In fact in Oct alone, they are hoping to bring in $500,000 to make up for summer losses. I understand that it costs money to run programs and to have large buildings, cleaning, supplies, etc... But everything seems excessive. Not just at this church, but most of the churches around here. Sunday the pastor brought up that the church was able to buy a stove for a local family that needed one. I think that is AWESOME.However, this is going to be harsh, but really just a stove? Should we be proud that a church that brings in $4 million gave one stove?
I feel like a hypocrit because I love my starbucks drinks maybe more than anyone. Is it wrong to own a nice car, a nice house, to buy starbucks? No. I don't think so. But I do think we should be willing to sacrifice for the poor. What that looks like for each of us probably going to be different. Bear in mind, everything belongs to God. He will provide for you. So if you are feeling him pulling on you to give to someone or somewhere, just do it. Sometimes this might look like money, clothes, blankets, food, toys, books, a listening ear, and sometimes just your TIME. turns out I sound like I am telling you what to do, yikes. May I challenge you to pray for your church and your tithes.


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Carrie said...

I totally agree with this! :)

Frick House said...

haha - I was going to say Preach too! Girl, that sounds like a tough environment. Talk about extremes from Waco to Sugarland. Praying for you as you find your place there. THe best part about you Mary Mac is that you can relate to any and everyone, no matter their socioeconomic status!

Beth said...

This reminds me of our time in Southern California. Excessive was exactly what it was. We are still in awe of how generous the Waco community is, especially when it comes to tithing at church and giving to Leah Grace. As transplants from the "unchurched" west coast, we have to admit that we've learned from others here in little ol' Waco. I know that you will open others' eyes around you, all while keeping your own heart tender to the Lord.