Monday, August 22, 2011

What a beautiful mess I'm in

Spending all my time with you, there's nothing else I'd rather do!
I love that song. And we are in one mess here. Adam has a stomach bug. Tim and I are sleep deprived. Meanwhile Ryan and Caitlin are wired.
Tim had his first day of classes today! He teaches three M/W/F classes and one T/Th. Last week HBU had a bbq (indoors thankfully and the kind of bbq where they serve burgers and dogs) for the staff. We were greeted by cute HBU cheerleaders with their bright orange and blue pom poms. Then the mascot, a Huskee who Ryan just loved. There were games for the children and the center pieces on the tables were huskee sugar cookies.It was hard to meet people because of the children (mind you, we were in a room full of introverts). However it was great to see where Tim works and get excited about HBU!
 From the highway all you see is a sign and what you would expect of a large city- buildings everywhere. I was caught off guard when we went through the gates of HBU's spacious beautiful campus in Houston.
The first church we attended in Sugar Land was Sugar Creek Baptist. It is about five miles from our home. It has over 3 thousand in attendance. Inside it has a cafe that is open all the time. It has a christian book store. It also has an indoor playground- a giant chic-fila play area. It goes way up and it is SWEET. The church keeps it open during the week for families to come play in. If you get hungry you can just buy lunch or a snack at the cafe. We met a couple of families from HBU there last week. Adam enjoyed it the most. Ryan tends to stick by side whenever we go anywhere until after he is well fed. Then he goes to join Adam.
This past sunday we attended a church in Katy, TX with the Jones (Tim's colleague)- Kingsland Baptist. We just went to sunday school, but we really liked it. We will go back. The hard part is that Katy is about 35 minutes away. Our plan is to find a church and then move near it when our lease is up. It is tempting to stay in Sugar Land though. We are in an incredible school district and everything is so convenient. We will follow the Lord where ever he leads us.

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