Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vietmanese Anyone?

I met Katie Welty at MOPS, Kristen at Chic fila, Bethany at Barnes and Nobles. All the begining of beautiful friendships. Tonight I may have made a new friend or someone I will never see again. But it felt good. I can't say her name because it has no vowels. Yes you guessed it, I have a new Vietmanese friend. She speaks about 10 words of english. But by golly leave it to me to teach her the word fence and stinks tonight. She was working out at the park with her kids. She named Angelina and just when I thought she was going to point at the boy and say Brad the word Justin came out. Justin Beiber? I don't know. So I left with her email and have used google translate for the first time. Zoiks. (think scooby doo when I say that.)

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