Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sugar Land

How can I explain this city? It is as if someone said how can we make the most convenient and nice place for good people to live? Then they created Sugar Land. It is AMAZING. Seriously. Not just because we have about five grocery stores within miles of our house (including a whole foods but NO HEB?). We are just a couple of miles from a library.We are surrounded by churches: Lutheran, non denom, catholic, methodist and baptist. The elementary school is outstanding and half a mile or less from our home. It is so quiet here. We sleep like babies at night- and by baby I am not referring to Caitlin who is up at all hours of the night.
There are paths through out the entire city. You could run for hours and still not run out of sidewalk. There are also a neighborhood pool that we will eventually go to.
We even have a maid... ok that is going to far. We don't have a maid. But it is a really neat area and we are excited to be here.
Today is tim's birthday. We are trying to buy a van today. We dont' have a fridge until the 8th of august. My dad is visiting from NC. The kids are THRILLED to have a house and a back yard. We got one of those lil pools for the backyard. It is an exciting kind of stress. You know what i mean vern?


Emily said...

Mary excited for your family! We were in Sugarland once for Adam's work and I was impressed...can only imagine how fun it must be to live there! Come back and visit soon!


Pops & Mimi said...

We are so thrilled for you, Tim and the li'l guys! We look forward to seeing lots of pictures of your new home and neighborhood on the blog! And watch for the mail the next day or so . . . should be a surprise for somebodies.

Kathleen said...

So glad you're happy in Sugar Land---I didn't know what part of Houston you were going to live in---what a blessing to live there! I'm so glad you are enjoying it--

Kristen said...

listen, mm, I'm glad you're happy, but I can't believe you're really gone. you are missed and missed and missed back in Waco. love you, friend!

Lindsay said...

so glad you love it there! we are so happy for yall! have fun with chippy!