Monday, August 15, 2011

Cornstarch experiment gone wrong

 Adam, Ryan and James Selby
 James Selby and Ryan
(luke selby)

 When you mix the correct amounts of water and cornstarch it turns into this great tangible science experienment in which when you pick it up it is a solid but then it turns into a liquid. It is also incredibly easy to clean up. Eh hmmm. The problem is when you are sleep deprived, throw it together and put it and the kids outside, leave an extra box of corn starch outside with the kids, and sit down to feed for a baby. this is when things MIGHT get out of control. James came in covered from head to foot his cornstarch.
 "What happened?"
"Ryan dumped all out and threw it at us."
The sad part of it all is, this seems to happentoo often when James comes over. One time he came up to Malea and I looking soaking wet from his head to his waist Naturally we assumed it was water but when he started screaming that his eyes were burning and we felt the gel consistency in his hair, we found out it was hand soap. Ryan had pumped soap all over his friend.
side memory: He has also been covered in chocolate  at house.

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