Tuesday, April 5, 2011

da na-na-na-na-na BATMAN!

ok how would you spell out the song? Nicole brought over her famous postpartum meatballs and an extra gift: a bag of costumes, you guessed it. BATMAN and SUPERMAN! Our faves! Recently, before the kids fall asleep they request a batman and superman song. this song is a made up story of how someone in our family gets in a jam and the heroes come and save the day. Adam is Batman. Ryan is superman. Normally Brainiac is the bad guy.

I am way behind, but mom IS HERE!!! Horray! We are so glad to have her here. She is AWESOME. It is a lot different timing now that Caitlin is a month old because we sort of have a routine (which if anyone knows mom, she doesn't really like schedules she has to abide by). so she has been more than gracious and has jumped on in head first. by the way the word routine isn't really strict. it is as much of a routine as five people (three being children) can allow. But it is how we are surviving.
the boys went to school today and us GIRLS (including Caitlin) made our way to the mall. HOLLA. We had fun shopping and eating chic fil a.
Tim is flying out Wednesday morning for Grand Rapids Michigan- which by the way is the number ONE places to live for people with bad allergies. I guess because it is so cold everything is dead most of the year? So pray that Tim gets a relief from his allergies this week! That would be amazing.

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Pops said...

WOW! . . . That is one SCARY Dark Knight! I always thought Batman was the best super hero . . . well, Batman and Chuck Norris!