Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Mimi

This is our Mimi. Isn't she wonderful? I hate to even share this picture or any pictures of the past two weeks with her because it feels too intimate. It's like we had a secret treasure all to ourselves and now everyone knows about it.
Everyday she has gotten up with the boys and played with them all day. Cleaned house, prepared meals and held Caitlin in between feedings, and taken care of me. It was amazing and much much needed. The love that went into everything she did made it even more special. O how thankful we are for Mimi.
Pray for her Tuesday (today) as she flies home to Richmond, VA.

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FoodBlogger said...

Okay, now that I see Tim's mom, I can see a lot more of Tim in the boys. Ryan looks a lot like her. Congrats on the new "bundle of joy" pun intended.