Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A treasure in a friend

9th grade. Walter Hines Page High School. I meet this really cool girl and I knew I wanted to be her friend. How did I know she was cool? Well to start with she had a belt that is trimmed with cream soda bottle caps and had a seat belt buckle. We hung out basically every day for the next four years. Her name, Ali Phillips.
Last week, this same friend came to spend the week with us. We had such a good time. And let me tell you this girl is amazing. The boys were in love with her. Ryan for whatever reason called her Sam all week and still this week continues to say, "where's Sam?" Ali was a wonderful guest. She fit right in our family. She watched the kids, played with them, loved on them, played with me and hung out with me all week. She was such a delight every day. We got to go out on my birthday with girlfriends for dinner and then to see a hilarious movie- RED. We came home and found a cake on the table from the neighbors. It was so fun to celebrate with Ali. She is so special and dear.

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Jennifer said...

I miss Ali too! And I remember that belt. :-)