Sunday, January 16, 2011

More from the chocolate diaries...

(yes katie parker, this is chocolate.)

or is it?

Amy and Donald Bryson are visiting this weekend from NC. Amy, Katie (her twin sister) and I grew up together in the same neighborhood from k-8th grade. It was Amy and I who hid in a tree late one night waiting to scare a pizza delivery man who was bringin our late night snack. When we did scare him he jumped back in his car and never returned with our pizza. Amy's parents were very disappointed to hear that Dominoes would NEVER deliver pizza to their address again. Yes, we got them blacklisted. Katie is still mad about it to this day.
Amy and I roomed together our freshmen year at App State. She met Donald soon after Tim and I were married and they were married a few summers later. We all lived in Raleigh and we got to get together and play games and have fun.
Amy is a fabulous cook. She has been cooking up homemade pizzas, banana buttermilk pancakes, chicken filled tortillas... It has been amazing. her only request from me was to make oreo truffles. When I finished I let the boys go at it with the chocolate. The bath water was completely brown and hid the fact that Ryan went to the bathroom in the tub and I had to give them baths all over again. TMI? or just real life?
Amy and Donald just might leave and decide never to have kids after this weekend.


Jennifer said...

AHHH - another fun guest. Tell Amy hey from me!

Between Here and There said...

I was just talking about your oreo truffles tonight! I always know where to send my kids for crazy messy fun.

Atkinson said...

you make me laugh