Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cookie Crumbs

When I got married I kept an ok clean house. I mean, Tim and I worked and were hardly home. I swept every few days.I cleaned the bathroom once a week. The dishes were done as we ate. I dusted once every now and then. Our place looked well kept.
You can imagine and even possibly relate to how shocking it was and has been for me to learn that as a stay at home mom We have to sweep EVERY SINGLE day. and more than once! We have to clean the bathroom at least three times a week. The dishes are ENDLESS. I vaccuum almost every day. And sometimes more than once. We have to wipe the counters and the kitchen table and the coffee table daily. Wipe dirty faces, wash dirty hands, wipe chairs down regularly. I am not complaining. Honestly. I just find it comical that I am so shocked that every day when I sweep I think, "didn't I just do this yesterday?" or even "this morning?"
So YES my boys have to eat in the kitchen or outside.
A sweet friend brought some cookies last night. They were delicious and the boys devoured them on the kitchen floor last night.

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