Sunday, January 30, 2011


We are getting so excited about the arrival of Caitlin! I was trying to prepare myself that Caitlin might not have hair for awhile, seeing that I was bald until 2 years old. And then there is Gary... BUT the ultrasound tech showed me that Caitlin has hair!
Adam is into feeling her move, kissing her, and talking about her. The neighborhood kids ask me a million questions a day about her. Ryan is just eating up his last weeks/days as the baby of the family.
This weekend Tim hung the curtain rod and we draped the almost finished curtains over just to see what it will be like. We cannot wait to have her in our arms! Get here soon Cait!


Between Here and There said...

Can't believe it's almost time! She's sure gonna be a cutie and get lots of lovin'.

Kathleen said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS. I didn't know you were having a "Caitlin"---I hope she's as amazing as mine! LOVE!

Lindsay said...

yay!! we can't wait to meet caitlin either!!