Monday, December 20, 2010

Lion VS Spiderman 2010

Adam went to school in this lion costume. It is much easier to go to the bathroom in this costume than the spiderman one. His teacher thought it was pretty cute seeing a lion on the playground. Tomorrow is Adam's christmas program at school. He's been practicing and I hope this performance goes better than the Moses musical this summer.
Without going into too much detail, Ryan had an exciting weekend. Sunday morning him and Adam bumped heads. We had to take Ryan to the E.R. and again to the dr. today. The dr in the ER felt like it wasn't that bad (he was NOT throwing up or passing out, no ceizures...) The conclusion after today is that Ryan has a minor concussion. Poor lil guy. So today I was freaking out every time there was the slightest chance he could hit his head again. All parents agree, it is difficult to watch our kids suffer any degree of pain!

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