Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 10 Thankful for...

REDEMPTION... and carseats.

So today made an terrible and impulsive decision to cut off the latch belt of Ryan's carseat. Which is the one seen above. This pic was taken before Ryan was born. So after I cut it I realized I didn't cut the latch belt. I cut the HARNESS belts!!!! WHAT THE WHAT! I flipped out. I cried and was shook up all day. I'd heard that the fire department sometimes has car seats for people. I called and they redirected me to another program run through the local hospital. I called and explained to the lady what I had done. She was like, "why did you do that?" She said normally parnets have to sign up for a class but the next class was full and she felt like we needed a seat right away. She met me at the end of her work day and gave me a private 'class' and gave me a new carseat!!! I am so thankful for her and the carseat she provided for us.
(by the way: Ends up that our carseat was expired and it was recalled. not that this makes what I did better)


Meredith said...

ahhh! so why did you cut it? im dying to know? haha
what a great lady :)

Lee Ann said...

The program my husband works with is in the same Department as KidSafe. I'm glad you were able to get a new carseat.