Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ants in your pants

Adam is telling me something- of which I have no recollection right now.
(it is in this moment Adam decides he should use his chalk as a weapon to kill the ants. )

(this is the bigger kids messing up the ant pile- to my annoyance. the ants ended up spreading all over the place. Adam and the other little boy in green, Aiden went and got their boots on to squish the ants. after a few stomps, they decided to sit down in the midst of the ants and got ants in their pants. litterally. I was so irritated at this point. The ants bite and it hurts and itches. They were falling in Adam's boots and getting all in his pants. I made him go inside and strip down so we could get rid of them all.)

If you look closely through the screen you will see Adam is admiring our neighbors cat.

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