Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What' in your closet?

It is official. I have gone through all of our closets and attempted to organize all of our stuff. Nesting does miracles on our house. My goal is when it comes time for a move (for the rest of our lives) except for daily used items, we will just have to move around the big Tupperware tubs. One potential problem is I am getting rid of a lot of stuff. Hope I don't regret it. It will end up at the dump and which inevitable means it will really end up at the Welty's.


Holly said...

I'm trying so hard to do this regularly too. I have nightmares about moving. Recurring nightmares from which I waken nervous and sweaty. My spouse (I won't name names) loves to keep things on the off chance that we might need them in 10 years.

Katie Welty said...

just bring it here then pregnant lady and i'll give it back to you in 6 months when you realize you still need it!