Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Darlings

Tonight a neighbor watched the kids while tim and I went to a friends house. When we got home- 9ish I heard Adam open his door and saw him peek his precious face out. Then I heard Ryan calling, "Momma." Which means Tim or me. They were so tired but so eager to see us. I called them out to me and collected them both in my arms. Quickly, before it was too late, I put them back in their beds. Adam let me hold him for awhile and Ryan laid down while I sang old songs to him. Then as soon as they sensed I was leaving the room they called for kisses. A hundred kisses each did them no good.
"Kiss me through the bars." A saying that will never go dole in my ear. I kiss Adam through the bars several times and his favorite are bear kisses. Then Ryan wants kisses through his bars and makes sure I kiss each foot- still through the bars. Then his hands, then his face again. The top of his head. It is a game for him. How long will mommy stay and do this?
But it is a more impotant game for me. How long will my darlings call for my kisses?


Katie said...

Way to make everyone sad on a Monday Marymac....

Elizabeth M. Atkinson, LPC said...

Well, i hope for always or at least i feel that way about you, charlie and lander. Plus, all my other grand nieces and sons.