Monday, June 28, 2010


Adam made Dr. Jack on the floor!

Adam and I had a great time at VBS last week. We had several neighbors come with us which made it extra fun. The theme at our VBS was Discover Egypt. It was interesting because instead of the normal study of one character all week, the kids learned basic doctrine/ Biblical truths each day. For example, one day the lesson focused on how God made us (Ps 139:14). The Methodist church that is next to our church did VBS a week or two before our church. So they passed on their tools and scenery. It was amazing and such a beautiful picture of the body working together for the kingdom.
So the VBS story I will remember the most is during song part where everyone is together in one room, a little boy with severe adhd and probably some other stuff, started yelling, "F. You" over and over again. Quickly we took him outside and played pirates.

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