Friday, May 7, 2010

Stairs: friend or foe

These stairs and I have a love hate relationship. If you notice the rocky stairs on the third step and higher. They hurt like the dickens if you scrape your heel on them. And people do all the time. Also the bigger kids like to climb the OUTside of the stairs along the black bars. This freaks me out. But it also freaks me out to see the boys climbing them.
But at the same time it brings us many smiles. Ryan and Adam love to look through them and play peek a boo. It is a place where the kids sit and talk about things- of which I will never understand. The bigger kids do pull up contests on the backs of the stairs. the little kids pretend to be monkeys and hang on the lower stairs. Tim and I sit on them and watch the kids play. Stairs. A blessing and a curse.

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