Friday, May 14, 2010

Real Live Rock Star

Most people don't know this but probably 7 out of 10 days Tim gets up and fixes breakfast for the boys. He gets so upset when they sleep in because it means he does'nt get to see them until 5pm. When it comes time for Tim to leave for school, he kisses everyone head. If he slips and kisses anyone's cheek, Adam corrects him and demands a kiss on top of his head. Ryan cries EVERY morning when Tim leaves. Sometimes Ryan takes off running after Tim and every once and awhile he is able to slip out the door. It is a dramatic scene every morning, as if Tim was going off to war. Yesterday Ryan kept asking where daddy is. "School" I would answer. So then Ryan asked to "go school" the rest of the day.

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FoodBlogger said...

So sweet! That is so special that Tim makes that great of an effort to be visible to the kids. And terribly sweet when he misses them. You are so lucky to have a great father for your children! I can't wait to see what kind of father I married. Miss you!