Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sweet Snuggles

Adam has always been attatched to me. But he is picky about his snuggle times. If I ask for a kiss he leans the top of his head to me for me to kiss him. He makes me kiss him through the bars of his crib every night before he goes to bed. I hope I never forget the sound of his voice yelling out, "kiss me through the bars." and then the sound of his giggles in those moments.
But Ryan will run to me or anyone and greet them with a hug. He stands in his crib at night and expects a kiss 'over the bars.' Sometimes he will even hold out his hand for an extra kiss. He also loves to get his back and head rubbed. If you stop he will yell at you and move your hand to his head (or back). It is so funny. But he is serious about it. I wonder who he gets that from Mazie?

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