Friday, April 30, 2010

crafty afternoon

(this little letter was a disaster and a source of much laughter for me. I thought it would be so cute to have a letter with ruffles on it. but I didn't want to the top of the ruffle to show so I sewed it on upside down hoping it would naturally stay down. which it didn't. I quickly realized the ruffles I premade were too short and too thick. So then I thought how about a monogrammed letter. So I made a funky L for Lander and sewed it on. I was so proud until I realized I sewed the darn thing shut. So I wrote a silly note on the back to lander and called it a day.)

a neighbor, Lisa gave us some fun crafty stuff yesterday. All the yellow stickers ended up on Adam's shirt. Ryan was sleeping. He loves sponge bog and dragons these days.

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