Thursday, February 4, 2010

O what a mess!

Mess would describe my house and my sewing skills and Ryan :) The first picture is one I forgot to put up with the cake pictures. It is Nick and Tim studying. This whole week I have spent countless sewing a stupid purse. Actually I loved it. Every detail of it. But it is incredibly tedius and I messed up so many times. I could kiss who invinted the seam ripper. I used it 800 times. For example, I sewed all four sides of the pocket. I sewed the bands on the wrong direction and then when I thought I fixed it I realized I sewed it on the wrong side of the panel... on both panels I had done this!!! The list goes on and on and on. I broke my first needle. Now I can't even find my purse with the camera in it to take a picture of the dang thing. o wait a second. It is right by my feet. Ha!

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