Monday, February 22, 2010

Jesus Loves Me

These are a couple weeks old.

Ryan blew kisses today for the first time. He just lights up when he is communicating. I love when he uses his precious little hands to wave, or now blow kisses. and clap. O how I love Ryan's clap. Adam also celebrates his little brother's milestones. Strangely when I lay down the law for Adam he is much more delightful. But when i let him rule the roost, he is miserable. He likes to know his boundaries. Ryan has none and understands none except his own. Ha.


Kristen said...

I always say there are two kinds of people--those who want to know the rules so they can break them and those who want to know the rules so they can follow them. Looks like you got one of each. (for the record, I'm with Adam and my husband and son are with Ryan. Jury's still out on Abby.)

Kristin said...

Wow-Ryan and Knox could be best friends. Knox lives in the land of no boundaries too...oh the joy of 2nd born sons! They are too precious to discipline!