Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Can you tell me how to get to sesame street?

We got to go to Sesame Street Live on Saturday morning. It was so fun. We sat with friends from Mops. You can see lil Emmalee in the picture. She is a little mommy. I was so impressed by the show. Adam absolutely loved it. It is definitely worth the money and time if you ever get to go. Someone gave us the tickets but I also heard that if you took ten canned goods to the grocery store the wednesday before it started you could get a free ticket. We will most certainly be there next year with Ryan.

What really made it special was that I got to go with Adam. He loved that I could hold him anytime he wanted. I could do anything with him because I didn't have Ryan to tend to. Adam was beaming the entire time, from the moment we left the house until we got home. It was a much needed date.

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Gary Brookins said...

Adam is cuter than that ole Elmo in his hat. I loved his dance too. Janet