Monday, January 25, 2010


Sometimes I think all of my pictures are the same. So I tried to get pictures of the boys actually doing something in their clothes instead of the classic smile pose. maybe that would have been better. Perhaps the pictures prove the durability of my sewing, thus proving I am awesome since my stitches can outlast any amount of reading or playing with letters :)
Adam's new thing right now is 'school'. almost everyday when Ryan is taking his morning nap, Adam asks me to do school. We get down his numbers workbook where we count and color and try to distinguish written numbers '6'. Then we go on to a reading workbook. It is a little over his head, but since he is interested and likes it we do it. I get a little frustrated. for example we play these word games. I read the instructions and he is supposed to do what I say. So i will say, i am going to say a word slow and I want you to say it fast. and before I can even get the word out, he says 'fast'. Then i say the word. and tell him to say it slow. he says slow. this goes on and on. but the other day he finally caught on. It was a big moment for him, but even bigger for me, phew!

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