Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Texas DL

Tim got his texas d.l. a few weeks ago. So I thought I should get mine too. Today I took the boys and waited two hours. I went prepared though. We took books, toys, lunch, play doh. We met this wonderful woman named Mitzy who played with us. My turn finally comes and after looking at all my paper work it is time to pay. I pull out the ol' checkbook and there are NO checks in it!!! So I had to go back tonight and wait another hour to do it all over again.
Ryan loves balloons and balls. He plays with the volleyball in the picture all day everyday. Adam has the potential to be an amazing actor. The boy and mimmick Ryan so well it is scary. He pretends he is Ryan by standing like Ryan and then falling on his butt like him. He can even make noises just like Ryan. I think he is starving for attention. I promise Adam gets TONS of attention.

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