Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sweet Adam and Ryguy

Ryan and Adam have been extra clingy lately. Adam could tell I needed a break and went searching for a way to help. Tim and I walked in on him making our bed!!! He had the pillows in the right place and was straightening the blankets. It was so cute. How can I be frustrated with a sweet boy like that?

Ryan always wakes up before Adam. Today Tim ran an errand just when Ryan was waking. I grabbed Ryan and made a run for the computer to shoot an email to a friend. I placed Ryan on the floor. Well an email turned into several emails and facebook... then I realized how quiet it was. I walked into the hall to see Ryan sitting indian style just in front of Adam's door. Just looking at it waiting for big brother to wake up. It was so sweet. when I ran for the camera he moved but that is what the picture is from.

We are not watching tv during the weekdays anymore and it is working out pretty well. Adam tells me how much he loves movies on a regular basis. He makes suggestions like we could go to the zoo or watch a movie or watch ice age, or watch another movie?


Lauren said...

Mary Mac, this is such a sweet picture! You are so blessed with two adorable little boys!

Gary said...

Those were such sweet stories about your guys. You are blessed! How cute is Ryan!!! Mimi

Judy Young said...

poor little guy you are depriving him of that TV sitter, I know he will be all the worse for it :P sounds like Life is Good in Waco, for now anyway