Monday, August 17, 2009

our latest activities...

Our beloved friends- lillian and jack, are back from their summer vacation. We went to the pool on friday with them and then today we went to the zoo together. Jack and Ryan had fun riding in the wagon together. All the kids had fun at the splash park at the zoo. The orangutans are a lot bigger than I ever thought and so sweet. They are new to the waco zoo.

Leah Grace Parker turns two TODAY! We had fun celebrating her birthday at the parkers house. The kids decorated the cup cakes. Very cute. Luke Pelser couldn't stop KISSING leah!!! You can check out the parkers blog at

Tim took Adam to a local park that has train rides. Adam came home shining from this visit. They even went through a tunnel. Afterwards, Tim took him to see the bears at Baylor.

The local grocery store, HEB (which by the way used to be named after the owner, Harry E. Butts and is now called Here Everythings Better) gives away balloons with suckers. So everytime I go the kids get balloons. Ryan is a fanatic when it comes to balloons.

We went to the museum with the Martinez family last week. Adam and Bella have a good time together. You have to watch out for Bella- aka chomper, for Bella is a biter! A good time is always guaranteed with the Martinez crew- five kids!!!

for some reason I am not able to attach pictures. so what I did was describe our past adventures and in the next post I will have a photo album with all the pictures.