Monday, August 24, 2009


This is Adam at three months. I love this picture. So much I may have already posted it recently.
Today was Tim's first day of school for the semester. Specifically pray that his work from now on out will lead to a dissertation topic. Pray for a job for him to open up when the time comes. Pray that we would trust God each step of the way.
Adam, Ryan and I had a fun morning out. We went to target for a diaper wipe run. While we were there we saw friends and decided to meet them at the park. Adam and Ryan both LOVE the splash parks round here. Ryan is hilarious diving out of my arms to crawl around. He stands and so desperately wants to walk. His day will come (sooner than later I am afraid). Adam played well this morning with our friends.
Today was a productive day. but it isn't over nad I am slowing down. I have to go to the store.
O yea, Tim is going to the allergist tomorrow for his third zolair treatment. they said at the six month mark they will check for progress. he goes twice a month.

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Judy Young said...

does this mean school is finishing up? and he will be Dr. Tim Brookins soon? scary... maybe we should look for something at UT or Maryville College for him... one way to get to see you