Monday, August 3, 2009

Big Boy Baby and Baby

Both boys have been having a rough couple of days. Ryan must be teething and I don't know what is the matter with Adam, but both have shed a good many of tears the past few days. Their schedules have been rocked and that definitely contributes to the tears. It also makes two tired parents!
Our friends, the Parkers, moved her to Texas. Pray for them as they look for a home and make a home here in Waco. Ross Parker sang Adam's song, "mr. adam, mr. adam..." Adam looked up at him and asked, "You know my song?" So cute. and to those of you who don't know it I will have to sing it to you sometime.
Adam likes to pretend that we are different people from movies or books all the time. Today he was donkey from shrek and I was 'princess'. But at dinner he kept telling Tim about 'Susan' , "where's Susan daddy?" and Tim finally realized he was talking about me. Susan is from Monsters Vs. Aliens.


Gary said...

I wish we could come play with the big boy baby and baby brother so mom could get a nap or shopping by herself. I played today with a friend's twin grandbabies who are Ryan's age and missed you all over again. Janet

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