Thursday, July 2, 2009


Today we met the Steinkes and the Donnellys at Lake Waco. Adam just loves loves loves the water. I heard, "can you swim with me mommy?" about a hundy times. Everytime I got out it was time to go back in again. Ryan slept in the stroller almost the whole time (There was always at least one mom on the blanket next to him). We had way too much fun for just a thursday morning.
No pictures from the lake but the picture posted is from Adam playing in the sprinklers here at our apartments.
Funny story: Adam did something bad so I sent him to his room and told him I would be there in a minute to spank him. As I was walking to his room, he ran to the door held out his hand and said, "Don't come in. I spank myself." Then he proceeded to use his other hand to spank his bottom.
Tonight Tim and I watching the Maltese Falcon... any takers

Ryan has about 5 swollen places in his gum and I just know he will have a mouth full of teeth... but when!!!

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Atkinson said...

i can't quit laughing...thinking of adam saying that...and then you not trying to laugh...priceless:)