Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Full as a Tick

During his last bites of dinner, Ryan leaned back in his chair and placed his chubby hand on his full belly calling it a day.
*please pray for Gran (Tim's grandmother, gary's mom in Panama City Florida). She is in the hospital after a faint and a bump to the head. She is expected to be released thursday.
*I need more details but it looks like Odin's Court is doing a tour of Europe!!! Odin's Court is Matt's (the oldest brookins brother) band. Way to go Matt and friends!
*Adam went to the dr today and it looks like he caught some kind of virus. He should be fine very soon!
*Chippy will be here in Waco around noon. All Adam talked about tonight was playing trains with his Chippy!

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Atkinson said...

have fun with chippy!!!