Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Bear

A narrative by Adam Brookins, written by Mary Mac Brookins

the boys ate dinner earlier due to starvation. During which Adam told me this story:

"I got in the car and I was driving. The bear went in the house. I went into the house and the bear said 'roar' and I screamed like girl."


Pops aka Geezer said...

Heck . . . If I saw a bear in my house, I would "scream like girl!", too. Of course, I would then inform the furry booger that bears in the house were against the neighborhood covenant, and he'd have to vacate the premises immediately!

Atkinson said...

ha!!! what an imagination...can i eat them both up?!?!?!

T said...

Adam also said this was the first part of a 7-part narrative. Scholastic calls it "the next Harry Potter."