Monday, July 6, 2009


We spent the fourth in Austin with Drew and Donna. They took us to their pool and then back to the house for burgers. dang good burgers too. We had a great time with them. Tim and I just finished watching Lonesome Dove- now one of Tim's all time favorite movies. Good ol' Gus will always be in our hearts... We also have exciting news- Chippy is coming to Texas wednesday through Saturday of THIS week!!!! YEAH!!! We are so excited and have some great things planned. Tim starts class on thursday afternoon. Adam is sick. Actually he got sick yesterday when he woke up from his nap and I forgot about it until this morning and I felt his head. he ran a temperature all day. It was so pitiful. Pray for him. IF he is still sick tomorrow we are definitely going to the dr. Ryan is still our wild child. He is showing more and more personality each day.

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Atkinson said...

so excited chippy is coming to visit you!!! i hope that adam starts feeling better very soon..let me know if he goes to the dr..miss you!