Monday, June 22, 2009

3 baths a day

Ryan has to get a wash everytime he eats and whenever Adam gets in I throw Ryan in the tub too. We are talking four baths today and my back is killing me :)
After naptime all Adam wanted was his daddy. I told Adam he could go knock on daddy's door and say hey. He has Tim wrapped around his fingers. Needless to say, Tim ended up at the musuem for a lil daddy Adam time- dadam :) He said that when he pulled up Adam got so excited it made Tim want to cry.
Ryan is teething and I have a feeling this will be the story of his life for awhile and the story of my life will be carrying the chap around. He is happy as long as I am holding him.

The picture of the three boys is from fathers day at THE best pizza buffet in the world. How can I say that? Well because it is true. Double Daves. As for the picture, it is hilarious and once again I have a whole new respect for people who can make a living off of pictures of kids. All of these pictures are funny expressions. It is so hard to get Adam and Ryan to simultaneously smile for the camera. One of these might make it onto the most awkward family picture blog.


Frick House said...

i love bath time pictures.

Gary said...

Those must be the cleanest-and sweetest-boys this side of the Pecos! Love! Mim and Pops

Atkinson said...

we miss those boys!!!!