Wednesday, May 27, 2009


this picture is actually from our visit earlier in the year. Mom and dad took Adam to a children's museum. Today Emily and Mark came over with their adorable children- seth and Cambell. We swam together, ate together, it was so fun to see them. To top the day off, after naptime Sara and Mac came over AND the simmons came over with their boys. Then my grandparents and aunt mary drove from south carolina, and my cousins... you get the point. a lot of people I love together.


Anonymous said...

hey mary!! how long are you going to be here? i really want to come by and see you but it's been a crazy week. i'd love to see you and your kids!

Cathy Willard (Freeman)

Frick House said...

Just visiting your blog for the first time! so fun! looking forward to catching up when you get back to texas.

Atkinson said...

love hanging out with the brookins!