Tuesday, May 19, 2009

looking back on monday

monday was a rainy day out here. Adam played with mimi and pops practically all day with the exception of nap time. All the adult brookins boys with the exception of matt and the addition of John's friend Bryan went to lunch and had a memorable time. Dave has to leave today (tuesday). I got to get my nails done and when i got back Grandpa Jim and Gran were here. We ate ribs and potatoes for dinner and had an attempt or TWO at homemade icecream. Sadly it did not turn out but we had some amazing brownies. No one can complain about brownies that good.
Ryan and Adam are sharing a room. It was going beautifully until 10:30 last night when Ry-guy was up- we think due to teething. Teething is forever and a pain in my... sleep. I was up with him again at 3 and then at 6. the kid is going to be the end of me... today that is how I feel.


Atkinson said...

i am so sorry...teething is so rough. hope that tonight goes better and that you get some sun!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great sunset photo. Dinner sounded awesome with ribs and potatoes and brownies. I hope you had a good time in VA.