Thursday, May 14, 2009

It is all over

monday was the last bible study for the kids outside. Tuesday morning was Tim's last school thing for the semester, the french exam which he PASSED!!! Horray. Tues morning was also my last Alliance mops and that night my last Esther Bible Study with girlfriends. Wednesday morning was the last mops at woodway and in the evening was the last Awanas meeting and episode of LOST for this season. So much packed into three days. I didn't make it to awanas which I feel terrible about. But it is the way of motherhood.
Peter and Melinda came over last night to watch Lost. We had a good time with them. Lander called as soon as it finished and was very hyper about last nights events.
we leave tomorrow and I am trying to get everything clean and packed for our trip to the beach and to the boro :)
peace love and airplanes!


Atkinson said...

yeah for tim!!! hurry and get yourselves to nc!!!

Kim Martin said...

Congrats to Tim! When will you be in Gboro?

Jason said...

Way to go Tim. Or, should I say...Bravo! Bien fait! Are you coming to Richmond anytime soon?