Sunday, April 5, 2009


In search for the best burger in town we stopped at Whataburger after church.


Pops said...

Back in the Middle Ages when I was in college in Pensacola, I would drive back home to Panama City some weekends in my old 1962 Chevy ll Nova (standard 3-speed shift). After crossing the Pensacola Bridge, I'd head east on Hwy 98. A few miles down the road on the left was a Whataburger. No matter what time of day, 11 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon, I'd stop and get a Whataburger all the way, fries and large Coke. The windows would be down as the warm Florida breeze blew through the car as I scarfed down the most delicious burger made by a chain restaurant, and I'd have burger juice mixed with mayo, ketchup and pickle juice running down my arms, falling into napkins tucked into my old Levi jeans. Man, I miss those days. You guys look like you're savoring it as much as I did. Good to know some things never change.

Pops said...

And another thing . . . I LOVE the striped shirts!