Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Kendall insisted on sitting close, really close to adam :)
cutie carl from mops. miss emmalie is in the backgroud. she LOVES adam. future babysitter.

ryan at mops. I watched the kids while the mom's had a steering meeting.

(bible study easter egg hunt)

This week Adam carries around his apsaragus toy veggie tale thing and calls it mommy. Last week he was Jonah. Him having the same name as me makes it very confusing around here. Adam will be in my arms crying for mommy.


Pops said...

When Uncle Matt was Adam's age, we never knew who he was going to be when he got up in the morning. One day, he would be Bubba Culpepper; the next day, Smokey the Bear; and the next, perhaps Luke Duke . . . but no matter who it was, THAT'S who he was all day. At Mom's Free Morning at church, his poor mom would pick him up at noon and hear from an flustered teacher who couldn't get him to talk all morning because she didn't know who he was that day, so he wouldn't answer when she called him Matt. Must be in the genes.

Mary Mac said...

hahaha! must be! that is too funny. Adam is always doing the same thing and sometimes finally when we get it and call him whoever he is that day he said,"I am just Adam."

Renata said...

The Mommy asparagus! That is too funny!