Sunday, March 29, 2009

"You are My Cheese Burger"

Adam sings this silly song "you are my cheese burger" when he is in his bed. I can hear him singing it now. It is from Veggie Tales and stays in your head for days. This past week was rough on the boys. On top of teething Adam picked up some virus and was sick all day Thursday and recovering Friday. We stayed home basically the entire week with exception to the grocery store, a dr visit and the library. I have been thoroughly enjoying Sophie Kinsella books- author of the confessions of a shopaholic and Tim is still loving War and Peace. Ryan has become quite the squealer. It is so funny to hear him laugh and squeal with delight. He even cracks himself up.
The pictures are of the boys going on a walk and of adam pretending to be a turtle. with the box on his back.


Atkinson said...

i can't wait until i can hear him sing that song! hope you all had a nice walk!

LiLi said...

Love Sophie Kinsella! Great read when you need a little bit of escape! Enjoy your reading! I am needing to get some new books. I've got Big Stone Gap and something Cherry Holler that I need to read next...
Hope you guys are enjoying the beach!