Monday, March 23, 2009

Guten Tag

Good morning. Ryan is almost five months old. He sucks his fingers and thumb. He is starting to suck on his bottom lip- just the way Adam did when he was five months, and we have the pictures to prove it. Today we are going to the grocery store and then to lunch with a neighbor, Lisa.
Adam is getting more and more imaginitive each day. His new thing is to pretend he is a dog that can do tricks. The trick is though he wants TREATS!
He loves songs, especially veggie tales: If you like to talk to tomatoes... Lately the first thing he says when he gets out of bed is "Lander's in Corth Narlina." Yes Adam. Lander is in North Carolina. He also told me to take him to the airplane so he could go see everyone.
Tim's skin allergies are still here but they have been doing much better. It is his eyes that are really bothing him. Please continue to pray for him.
I have neighborhood bible study monday nights, my own ladies bs tuesday nights and awanas wednesday nights. Pray for my neighbors as we love on them. Adults and children of all ages have been coming. Pray that they will hear and believe the gospel message.

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