Monday, March 16, 2009

Cutie Pies

First I apologize in my slackness in keeping up with the blog. I got two books at the library and was way too enthralled by them to get anything done last week. They were both done by sunday. Happy St. Patricks day. Hope everyone is wearing green :)
Bible Study went great. One of the families moved away this weekend. There were 3 new kids tonight. A mom and her son joined us also making it a total of 18 people tonight. Gabe-20, shared his testimony and the kids listened incredibly well. Next week Andy is sharing his. Please pray for him and pray for these children.
Ryan is starting to eat rice cereal. he doesn't like it too much. Maybe it will get better. I think he is ready for steak. Adam and I looked at pictures of everyone in the family today and he remembers everyone by name. It was really fun. He even mentioned memories with the pictures. Like when he saw Uncle John he remembered that he helped him watch the Thomas movie in the car. And Aunt Sara and Uncle Charlie were associated with Mac.... So cute! Of course he still has a massive crush on lander! He loves the lil finger puppets Uncle Matt and Aunt Nicki (he calls her mickey) gave him. And he makes a funny face in honor of Uncle Dave.


Pops said...

That ice cream sandwich Adam is eating looks mighty yummy. As a matter of fact, it looks like he may be actually eating the paper ;)

And I know that look in Ryan's eye . . . of course he doesn't want rice cereal . . . he wants an ice cream sandwich, too! Or maybe Mimi's favorite, a Nutty Buddy.

Elizabeth said...

Grandparents eat this up........ several neighbors asked about the Brookins at the wedding tonight. Old friends could not believe Chip and I were that 'old' to have grandsons.