Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Big Bend

Ryan will bend his whole body back and be practically upside down to see who is talking. It is just the cutest thing. He is rolling around and can almost sit up by himself. He sits up for a few seconds and then rolls over. Don't get me wrong, he cannot put himself in the upright position by himself.
We went to the big mops today and if you ask Adam about it he will tell you, "I cried." Screamed is more like it. He is testing me at drop offs now. It causes quite a scene. He screams and cries right up to the moment when the door shuts and immediately he stops crying. Very disturbing the first few times but now I am used to it. I know he liked it because later he said he said he had fun at mops. We are starting to have conversations- which absolutely blows my mind.

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Michael and Lynn said...

Mary Mac! Hey, what's the name of the camp?