Saturday, February 21, 2009

one on one

Adam and Tim are spending the morning at the zoo. Adam told Ryan he couldn't come. Ryan and I are busy working at home. As much as I love having the house to myself, it sure does feel empty!
Tim got a call from the allergist. The medicine that he 'qualifies' for isn't covered by our insurance and would cost a total of $40,000 a year AND the medicine has never been tested on someone with an IEG level of 1600. So right now we are a no go on the meds. Tim and his allergist are making calls to different insurance companies to see if they can find someone to cover it... good luck. This is all very discouraging. Tim's allergies have quadrupled out here in Texas. Please please pray for him!


Windot said...

Ugh. I am so sorry to hear that. I will pray that they find an insurance company to cover him. We have a friend here that just got covered for his diabetes. He has been trying for years to get help. Enjoy your time with Ryan and home by yourself.

Renata said...

So, I take it that an IgE of 1600 is unusually high?

However, do not be discouraged. I'm sure there has to be another way.

Renata said...

Hey there. Send me an email as I don't know what your address is right now (it's on Stan's computer).